18/52:  This past weekend we headed out to Bloomington to hang out with family.  We went to Wonderlab and even though I took a bunch of pictures this was one of my most favorite moments and hers as well.

DSC_0045 IMG_6803


18/52:  As you can see I had a hard time deciding between photos for this week.  In the first he is sitting in the high chair and has been for the last week with us at dinner. He has really shown that he wants to be a part of what is going on. The second is the view I get to see often during the day about every two hours its a joy to hold him and look into those beautiful baby blues while he eats.



18/52:  Teaching about fire safety is very important and something our high strung toddler needed to learn before enjoying this fall. But also just as important learning how to roast the perfect marshmallow!





17/52:  The Hubs totally rocked out this awesome bike seat for the Babe and let me just say we have already gotten our use out of it. She calls it her bike now!



17/52:  Here is the Little Man’s 4 month pic! Gosh he is getting big. At his appointment he was 14 lbs. 4 oz. and 24 inches!



17/52: So thankful the Hubs is one of those dads that doesn’t mind carrying around his babies in a carrier.  Especially with Archer being as big as she is.





16/52:  Kisses. Smooches. Hugs. Loves. Archer has been sharing the love with everyone but especially with her brother.



16/52:  Archer has always been a great sharer and now she is getting her brother to share with her. Maybe it will rub off on him.



16/52:  The Hubs has been all about getting the family out and being active at night after work and on the weekends. This is from our trip to Broad Ripple, about 20 mile round-trip and so much fun!