Project 52=Fail!

I thought that I could do it. Honestly how hard was it going to be to take a picture of my kids each week and post them on here. It wasn’t that taking pictures was difficult, or loading them on my computer, or even putting them into a post. I just honestly didn’t prioritize my time in order to actually load them on my computer and make a blog post about them. I kept getting behind and then would try catching up with multiple weeks and then I would be good again and then next thing I knew I was behind by weeks again.  Then there came a time where I just didn’t do it and now that I’m only a few weeks from my deadline I don’t even want to attempt trying to catch up now. SO this is it. Me throwing in the towel. Putting an end to it all. And hopefully the future will bring another time where I will try this again. Till then. THE END.

Project 52=Fail!

taking stock 02


Making:  busy boxes for Archer.

Cooking:  chicken pot pie.

Drinking:  hot tea (of any kind).

Reading:  Under the Never Sky series by Veronica Rossi

Wanting:  a pair of jeans that work for my post 2nd baby body (still).

Looking:  toward warmer sunnier days.

Playing:  peek-a-boo morning, noon and night.

Wasting:  away as I give up chocolate for Lent.

Sewing:  a quilt for baby Ayla.

Wishing:  the weather for a bit warmer so I could take the kids out for a walk.

Enjoying:  my extra hour of sleep in the morning, due to Daylights Savings Time until the kids get the swing of things.

Waiting:  for Spring to come.

Liking:  Tom Tom Club

Wondering:  what  it will be like to homeschool my kids.

Loving:  watching the kiddos give hugs and kisses randomly during the day.

Hoping:  for one warm day this week so I can take a walk around town.

Marveling:  the Truth of Faith.

Needing:  a few more hours in the day to get my To Do list finished.

Smelling:  the sweet scent of a baby.

Wearing:  my new Toms that the Hubs bought on zulily for me.

Following:  the shrill cries of the Little Man.

Noticing:  the brightness in the morning and later in the night.

Knowing:  time heals all wounds.

Thinking:  I am horrible at blogging and yet it only takes a little effort.

Bookmarking:  Dream House ideas.

Opening:  new shoes.

Giggling:  as we tuck into bed.

Feeling:  overwhelmed by cleaning.

taking stock 02