made: backpack version 2

As you might remember if you have been following along with this sporadic blog of mine that there is a similar post. I had originally made a backpack for Archer and I was so happy how it turned out and then there were some errors that started happening. Fraying straps, magnetic snap being too magnetic, tearing fabric and all around too small.

So I started taking it apart and kept fixing it and that’s when I decided I had had enough and was ready to rework the whole thing. Luckily I had some leftover fabric and one of my friends found a tut on Pinterest that she thought I might be interested in. So I started cutting right away and then realized I didn’t have any interfacing till I dug around in my supplies!

I took this past Sunday after making the peeptastic patchwork pouch and put together her backpack. I’m loving this design a lot more and how roomy the inside is compared to the first. Little miss was ready to pack everything in as soon as it came off the sewing machine.

I used already made straps and didn’t use lengtheners. I was just using what I had from the first backpack. And I also used Velcro opposed to the magnetic snap since it was causing so much trouble to the other backpack.




made: backpack version 2

made: peeptastic patchwork pouch

School is in session here at the Schnell abode!! We have decided to keep Archer home and start a few lessons. Which works perfectly for our family and gives me a chance to use what I took from my college experience. I used to be a teacher and have done several things in education. Although it was very rewarding working with some adults and children I had a few extremely bad situations that turned me off of parents and working within a classroom. This is not at all the reason why she isn’t going to school but just a bit of insight of life here. If you are interested in knowing our reasons and plan, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Ok back to the purpose of this post. I’m very talented at getting sidetracked! I whipped up this bag in one night and one morning of a weekend. Which if you know anything about me it is great since I stay at home with two babes. I have been stalking heyporkchop on Instagram (because I seem to be drawn to everything she does. Plus her pictures are creative and inspiring. Probably want to be her when I grow up 😊) and found a tutorial on a peeptastic patchwork pouch and thought it would be perfect for an alphabet bag for the little miss.

I used the initial measurements but then had to tweak it a bit since I used a paper piecing pattern for the letters that ended up being a bit smaller than her first square. I also made a front and back to the pouch. I used interfacing and batting and did some simple quilting to finish it off.




I grabbed the alphabet fabric from Joann’s and had the rest as scraps. I love the orange hemp that I dyed myself. The little miss has ran off with it and can’t wait for school to start and to see what will be inside!





Here it is in all it’s glory!




If you follow me on Instagram you will have already seen most of these pics but I wanted to share this and to show where I got the tut of how to make this fantastic pouch!

made: peeptastic patchwork pouch

made: pillow perfection

Pillow perfection or at least for my standards! I needed a little selfish sewing after a few projects I have been busily making as I thought I would try my hand at something new so I whipped up an envelope pillow cover for one of the couch pillows. And I’m seriously in LOVE!

First I have a deep obsession with the fabric and wish I would have grabbed more when I bought it. I’ve made a bunting and now this so far with it. But I could see a great many things!! I usually like solids when I’m planning but end up with so many patterns so this was a nice change for me to go directly to them. I also used some natural hemp that I have from a previously project.

Side note: I’m having an affair with hemp lol well not technically but I love that it gives me that “natural” look, sort has a linen vibe, gets softer which each wash and is cheap!!

Ok back to the details! I’m a big sucker for flying geese and have been itching to create a circle of geese. So I found a free pattern on Pinterest and got to work only to find out that the way Christina taught me makes everything backwards and therefore the geese don’t all point in the same direction. That’s when a pleasant happy accident took place.





See how there are two that touch on both sides making a diamond. I actually love it and if I would have known would have chose colors accordingly. I guess I need to learn the correct way if I want to make anything that goes in a circle again 😦

Here is the finished cover. It is a hot commodity on our couch and Archer claims it as her own and if she is awake no one else can put their head upon it.



Not too shabby for my first time, ehh?

made: pillow perfection

absence makes the…

heart grow fonder, the cobwebs grow bigger… Not sure which I’m thinking right now. But I haven’t followed through with more than a couple of my 30 in 30 list 😞 I had good intentions in making the list that it would help motivate me to get some things done within my thirtieth year. Now thinking about it it doesn’t really concern me. For once I’m calm about it and maybe because I have so much going on.

And lately here we have been dealing with so much sickness that I want to strip everything apart and bleach it but I won’t go to that extreme. I’m just finding it odd that we only frequent the zoo, library, YMCA and the store and we came out somehow with one NASTY virus. But I have been stealing time here and there to work on some things. Here are a few things I have going.






absence makes the…

made: apron

I whipped up this apron a couple weeks ago for my friend Christina. She is about to start out a new year of teaching and was given an unflattering apron to wear daily. This is where I came to the rescue and got the idea that I would make one for her. She looked on Pinterest and found a tutorial and pattern for free so I was all in!!

I had picked out the fabric. Printed the pattern from the website. And then decided I would get some sleep and pick it up the next day. This is when I head back over to the website to go through the free tutorial and it is no longer there!! freak out moment and a bunch of searching and I find that the author has moved the free tutorial and turned the whole thing into a pattern that needs to be bought.

Freak out moment two

I can’t remember how to do part of it. So I jump back on Pinterest and find more free tutorials and then I get down to business. I love how it turned out and almost kept it for myself.

I handed it over to her this past Friday and she loves it but we found a little oopsie she is fixing so I have yet to get a picture of her with her beauty.





A couple photos. The ones with legs are with me trying it on with the strings still pinned. I think I stabbed myself a couple times during the process. Then on the chair so I didn’t need to take anymore leg selfies!

made: apron

made: jellyroll quilt

I was beyond ready and excited to show this quilt to it’s owner. I had talked to my mom about the construction and had out little sneak peeks up on Instagram but hadn’t revealed the completed quilt until Ainsley opened her gifts.

Here are a few pictures I shared on Instagram of the process that I went through.

It finished longer than a lap quilt but not quite as wide as a twin. Sort of a odd size but I think perfect for her. I also started this quilt out quilting it on my machine but I wasn’t a fan of the look. Also not a fan of the batting I bought and have recently switched to another kind that lays nicer. I ended up quilting straight lines using DMC cotton perle size 8. Enjoy 🙂














made: jellyroll quilt

made: skirt

This past weekend while the kids were sleeping away from the fun festivities I got to work making a skirt. I kept staring at my neighbor’s skirts through this summer and just knew she found them from a tutorial and lucky for me she remembered where.

I headed over to Joann’s and found this fabulous graphic fabric.


I followed this tutorial and in the time of a nap time I whipped this up!



I love the pockets! Next time I will take it in more. I think I had a food baby belly when I measures my waist.

made: skirt