4/52: Our babe loves loves loves her books. We just signed up at our local library for the summer reading program. We were headed to Bloomington to celebrate my birthday at my sister’s house, so I loaded up a couple books to read on the way.



4/52: Little Man gave us a smile for the first time this week and even a little smirk. He keeps getting cuter and cuter everyday.



4/52: What’s better than a man pushing a stroller? A man pushing a stroller in the rain with an umbrella to make a little lady happy.


P.S. I cheated this week and used my iPhone. Not so happy about the quality of the pics. I know that some people take BEAUTIFUL pics with their phones, so I need to get on it!


Our Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List:

go camping

bike ride


go swimming

have an outdoor movie night

roast marshmallows

canal walk

splash park

mini roadtrip

blow bubbles


visit State Fair

baseball game at night


sidewalk paint


summer reading program

pick berries

play outside


water balloon fight

make jam

make ice cream

Well here is the list thus far. We didn’t do so great with our Spring Bucket List and of course I have been looking on Pinterest for more ideas, but figured I would stick with our original list. Hoping that once I am healed up from Baby #2 we can start tackling the list. What are your plans for the summer?

Our Summer Bucket List

Birthday Blahs

I’m not sure why this year should feel any different than the last or the time before that. Maybe it’s having another child or I’m one year closer to 30, but I just don’t have the Birthday “spirit” in me. I really don’t have any “spirit” in me.

Don’t get me wrong I want to do something special today, but I really have no clue. I’m torn between going to the zoo like last year and going shopping. Shopping would consist of needs and maybe that is why I’m feeling ho hum about it. But I would be finally getting a pair of shoes I’ve been wanting for awhile.

In my family we usually have a family dinner but I haven’t even asked for one of those. Maybe I’m just worn out from have a newborn (1 month still counts, right?!) or the stinking hot weather or maybe even that I wish my body was more towards when I got pregnant (lol I know I know it’s only been a month). But I’m just tired like put a fork in me I’m done. The exhaustion of getting up and taking care of two kids and managing a house is sinking in this week.

So I’m feeling the birthday blahs this morning. Oh and Happy Summer solstice and longest day of the year! Ha

Birthday Blahs

How to define beauty

How to define beauty is all I can think about tonight. It has been one of those days actually it has been a few of those days in a row where things seems to take a downward spiral. Little Man not wanting to nap and wanting to be held, personal health issues, a flat tire, The Babe falling and skinning her knee, elbow and forehead and a huge limb falling in our yard again.

So today when I felt like I had some energy even without a nap and finally when Little Man took a nap on his own I agreed to The Babe to make some cookies. Baking is something that we do regularly if not weekly and at one point daily. She loves watching me pour in the ingredients and to watch the mixer whirl around. She most definitely loves when I’m done and I give her something to lick.

Today I thought I would try something different. I think it was out of pure laziness I just didn’t want to clear the table we normally worked from so I let her stand on a chair and watch. I continuously told her not to touch and to not out her hands in the bowl ad the mixer went around. I was standing next to her measuring out an ingredient when the bowl started to make a weird noise. In a split second her bangs got caught in the mixer and her head was pinned to the bowl. I went to stop the mixer and that is when her hair was pulled out. I began to soothe her and cry because I couldn’t bear to look at my little girl. What kind of parent was I to allow this to happen?! I felt ashamed that I wasn’t more cautious.

Then as she settled I kept thinking that my daughter’s beautiful hair was ruined. Her hair has become such a part of her. From the full head that she had when she was born to the ringlets that spring up here and there. I just kept looking at that spot and started to cry. I was so sick to my stomach.

But my little lady just felt it and looked in the mirror and smiles. She let me pull it over to the side to hide the spot. She didn’t see what I saw. Yeah it might feel a bit funny and when she asked me to make cookies again she would point and say ow, ouch at the mixer. But she wasn’t so concerned with how beautiful she looked or didn’t.

This all takes me back to my childhood. I had a step-dad that adopted us and was very into the fact that girls should have long hair and boys should have short. That long hair was beautiful. And even now I look on Pinterest or see celebrities in magazines when I’m shopping and I comment about their long, beautiful locks.

I also struggle with growing mine out or cutting it off because I know when I cut it I will get remarks about it being short or looking like a boy. And I remember times when I’ve left the hairdresser crying because I wasn’t sure why I decided to do that to my hair.

So I think when did hair become such a status symbol of beauty? When did I as a child become so ingrained with the notion that long hair is beautiful? Can I look at my daughter and see the true beauty that she is regardless of some missing hair? I know that the next few months will be hard as we grow out that portion and I will tend to not want to take pictures because of the shame I feel as a parent. But with it all I need to learn to capture her true inner beauty.

How to define beauty



3/52:  The Babe has been all about her play area lately.  She has such the imagination when working in her kitchen.  She will set the table for two and then prepare a meal for us. But once she catches me taking pictures she comes running over.


3/52:  Little Man is doing what he does best eating, pooping and sleeping. Well minus the sleeping since a lot of the time when I try to put him down to nap he wakes up. So right now I’m attempting to blog with one hand.


3/52: Father’s Day had a few hiccups in the road (no pun intended) and the Hubs rolled (no pun intended) with all of them like a champ.


For the love of a life…


So my sister has asked my help to get her man and her baby’s daddy to quit smoking. When she was prego or rather when she got pregnant she quit and he said he was going to be right there with her. He did slow down but then Baby Ayla arrived and he still hadn’t stopped.

So now she is asking social media to help. Maybe it will give him motivation and encourage him to stop this time. 10,000 likes seems like a big amount and maybe to some a little ridiculous but if this is what he needs lets give it to him!

Will you help?

For the love of a life…



2/52: The Babe has really been into babies since Christmas, but now she seems to always want her babies to be around her.  Moments before this picture she was sitting on the couch surrounded by all her babies. I find her treating her babies and mimicking me during the day. So precious!


2/52: Little Man was such a trooper allowing me to take a million pictures of him this morning. I worked on the table last night and figured once the sun came up we would get to work. Just our take on a birth announcement that we have yet to send out to the masses. Oh and the little briefs he is wearing our my BIG brother’s from when he was little!


2/52: The Hubs was such a champ today riding all the Kiddie rides at the OLG Festival. I stood in the shade whenever I could find a little sliver with Little Man.