taking stock 03


Making: party treats.

Cooking: baking up mustache goodies for the weekend.

Drinking: COFFEE (finally).

Reading: my 102nd book this year!

Wanting: a ceramic electric kettle (I’m so over having to turn on the gas stove for tea).

Looking: at all of the flowers arriving just in time.

Playing: playdoh.

Wasting: my morning hours.

Sewing: a quilt for a birthday, suspenders for G, curtains for my kitchen.

Wishing: there were more hours in the day for crafting.

Enjoying: evening strolls and bike cruises around downtown.

Waiting: for G to sleep through the night.

Liking: undercuts.

Wondering: what it will be like to homeschool my kids.

Loving: watching the kiddos hold hands and dance.

Hoping: for a day of biking.

Marveling: how fast we really grow up.

Needing: a new pair of jeans.

Smelling: honeysuckles in the breeze.

Wearing: my “mom outfit” which is a tshirt and leggings.

Following: the Cultural Trail around town.

Noticing: the cries of the birds.

Knowing: that sometimes all you need is a good nap.

Thinking: about a Summer schedule.

Bookmarking: colorful quilt ideas.

Opening: a new book almost every other day.

Giggling: as we “hide” when daddy gets home.

Feeling: pride.


Well another hiatus from my blog since March.  It has really been a habit to get on here a couple months or weeks at a time and then to stop altogether before I realize that I haven’t touched base again.  There has been so many highs and lows here on my end and hopefully there is someone still out there that cares what I put in this space. I’m aiming to get a bit better, but as in always we shall see.


taking stock 03