Family Photos

I’m in LOVE with our new family photos and can’t believe that its almost been a month since we had them taken by Kurtis Bowersock. I can’t say enough good things about him. And if you are interested in an amazing investment then you should check them out. So here are a couple shots from the day, I wish I could share them all because I’m that much in love with them. We headed over to Garfield Park and around Fountain Square for this chilly morning.

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Family Photos




26/52:  This past week has been a rough one we had a couple doctor visits and been fighting a virus for over a month and now they both have ear infections.  Archer made a picture for Dr. Parent.




26/52:  We had our Thanksgiving dinner the weekend before to help accommodate for all the different schedules.  Here is Little Man with his Nene.




26/52:  Here is one of the many family pictures from the weekend and this one is missing Kristen because she was behind the phone.





25/52:  Who wouldn’t love cuddles with this little man?! Archer is all about asking for cuddles with him and wanting to hold him. She recently went away for a couple nights and she was more excited to see her brother than me.




25/52:  We headed out for a walk in our “new” stroller. Griffin and Archer are loving the new ride. Now for him to be able to play with her as well.




25/52:  Who doesn’t love a daddy that will let you climb all over him?!


Operation Kitchen :)

Tomorrow marks the beginning of our kitchen makeover. We have been planning and thinking this over probably as long as we have lived in this house (2.5 yrs) but haven’t gotten around to getting it done. We have decided to go with an IKEA kitchen and have visited twice to design the layout. So this is the breakdown of hopefully just the to do list and not my sanity (with two kids and no kitchen) of how our kitchen is going to happen.

clear out kitchen
setup temporary kitchen
block off kitchen to the Babes
tear out cabinets, counters and floor
•jack up floor and insulate
•paint walls and ceiling
lay laminate
•assemble cabinets
•install cabinets and sink
•install hardware
•replace window treatments
•upgrade and beautify pantry
•buy new microwave and fridge
•remove a section of the wall opening the room to the dining room
•make desk area
•bar area?

I think that is it but I’m sure there is something I’m forgetting on my list. So here is to hopefully around two weeks of chaos. Be sure to check back for the before and after photos and a rundown on the craziness that I am sure will take place!

UPDATE: 11/25/13

So in the week that we have started our work on the kitchen we have moved everything out, set up a temporary kitchen and removed all the cabinets and flooring in the kitchen. We ran into a few more problems than what we had expected but with this house it happens. So now we just need to get everything from IKEA and get down to the fun stuff.

Operation Kitchen :)




24/52:  Archer can’t resist a swing or a trip to a park. While visiting family in Kansas we took a walk to see if we could get the Little Man to nap.




24/52:  The Little Man sitting for the first time by himself.  I think he was surprised and a little bit scared by what he was doing.




24/52:  A family shot at the St. Louis Zoo. Gotta love the face the Hubs is making as he is trying to get everyone in the shot.





23/52:  Shaun the Sheep aka Archer. Halloween may have been pushed back a day but it turned out to be a wonderful night and her costume was a big hit.




23/52:  Hand to mouth. Lots of drooling and chewing and teeth trying to come through.




23/52:  We each took our turn making this costume but Daddy really busted out his skills that he “denies” that he has to get it together in one day.





22/52:  Archer loves her daddy time and especially loves when there are books involved. This was a little downtime after our family photos. Couldn’t help but to get Little man in the shot 🙂


DSC_0032 DSC_0036


22/52:  Little Man is 5 months old! And getting so big and slobberly 🙂




22/52:  Nap time for the men of the house.