the why in the school

I have a college degree in early childhood education.

I stay home with both my kids.

Education can be such a bear on the wallet.

My children will have more individual attention.

We can go at our own pace and set the schedule we like.

No need to give up the 3 hour afternoon nap yet.

Attention spans are limited.

Learn during play.

Field trips and vacation whenever.

Well this list is incomplete and only partially true but true there are some valid reasons why we decided to homeschool this year. I’m not saying every year will have the same reasons or even look the same but for now this is what is happening.

We are in out third week of homeschool preschool with Archer our 3 yo. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a couple pics of the first week. Then I had the intention to write a post about our week and the ins and outs of what we were doing. But then the second week came and well now we are on the third.

We are keeping things pretty lax and seeing how she handles working. We are now doing three mornings a week. I decided on which mornings based on other things we have going on during the week. We only do mornings because truth be told she still takes a three hour afternoon nap almost everyday.

We started just working with the calendar and counting the days and learning a letter of the week using the activities. I don’t take it too seriously if she needs a break, wants to work with something else or if Griffin wants to join in with the fun I’m totally ok changing things up. Some mornings she doesn’t feel up to it but as soon as griff shows interests she jumps right in where we are. Ok here are some pictures I’ve taken over the past three weeks. I think the picture pretty much explains what is happening but if you have questions I’ll be open to talking about it more.















the why in the school

taking stock 07

Making: a Halloween quilt and a coffee cozy with the scraps!

Cooking: up some delicious finds on Pinterest that even the kids enjoy.

Drinking: water.

Reading: My 132nd books since January.

Wanting: more patience to deal with the kids when they refuse to take naps.

Looking: for the first change in the leaves and the brisk breeze.

Playing: snakes and bears.

Wasting: my brain cells by staying up late.

Sewing: way too many things at once. Its time to clear out the WIP list before I start something else.

Wishing: it was easier to keep the house clean with two kids.

Enjoying: the late night hours to myself.

Waiting: for the weather where I can layer up and wear scarves.

Liking: the politeness that my kiddos show each other.

Wondering: where we will be in a few months.

Loving: my Griffin’s sweet words uttered in the night.

Hoping: that the person viewing our house decides to buy!

Marveling: how the daylight hours are getting shorter.

Needing: just a little more time to myself.

Smelling: freshly laundered clothes.

Wearing: my snowflake cuddleduds and a nursing tank. It is bedtime here!

Following: the same path almost every night.

Noticing: the minute pains in my shoulders and legs after a day cleaning.

Knowing: that tomorrow will bring a new day.

Thinking: life is going to get a lot more interesting here soon.

Bookmarking: quilt ideas and cross stitch patterns.

Opening: mail from Canada.

Giggling: at growls and laughter.

Feeling: immensely loved.



taking stock 07

made: backpack version 2

As you might remember if you have been following along with this sporadic blog of mine that there is a similar post. I had originally made a backpack for Archer and I was so happy how it turned out and then there were some errors that started happening. Fraying straps, magnetic snap being too magnetic, tearing fabric and all around too small.

So I started taking it apart and kept fixing it and that’s when I decided I had had enough and was ready to rework the whole thing. Luckily I had some leftover fabric and one of my friends found a tut on Pinterest that she thought I might be interested in. So I started cutting right away and then realized I didn’t have any interfacing till I dug around in my supplies!

I took this past Sunday after making the peeptastic patchwork pouch and put together her backpack. I’m loving this design a lot more and how roomy the inside is compared to the first. Little miss was ready to pack everything in as soon as it came off the sewing machine.

I used already made straps and didn’t use lengtheners. I was just using what I had from the first backpack. And I also used Velcro opposed to the magnetic snap since it was causing so much trouble to the other backpack.




made: backpack version 2

quilt: log cabin

I started this log cabin eons eons and eons ago. Ok ok maybe ages but probably in reality about twenty something weeks ago.

On a trip down to visit the Hubs family I drove out to Joann’s with Gma Doris and found some fabric, probably the first time I bought some without a focused plan in mind. I found a tutorial for log cabins in a Martha Stewart magazine. Then I went to Gma Doris’s “store” and she hooked me up with a bunch of different solids.

At this time I was very new to quilting and hadn’t made a quilt that wasn’t only strips or squares, so this was a big deal. I had plans to make it for my sister’s little girl even. I got so pumped and plugged in for a few days and then got burnt out after 5 blocks. I just wasn’t feeling it. It didn’t have exact measurements and I felt like I was making a lot of waste and not much headway.

Then months later I’m cleaning up and out my craft nook and I find the beauties all bagged up just begging to be loved again. One afternoon and late evening I finished up the remaining blocks, baste and set out to quilt in the morning.


Here is a few more pictures after picking it up again:










And here it is finished. I decided to use the machine to quilt and was only halfway pleased with the results. I had to seam rip a bunch but it’s finished.




quilt: log cabin

made: backpack

That is the request I heard from my three year old daughter. I have recently given up on diaper bags and just have been using a backpack for convenience. So being that is a mini-me (wearing her babies, nursing them, wrapping scarves around her neck) of course she would want a backpack as well.

I bought a pattern awhile back when we had plans to send her to preschool but looking at it again I knew it would be too big for her daily use. So as per usual I started scouring Pinterest for a DIY or a steal to buy one online. I found this one and fell instantly in love but find want to pay the price when I knew I could easily make one and also I wanted something I could throw in the wash.

So after a bit more searching I ran across this post that linked over to by this tutorial. After some measurements with the bag I loved and the tutorial I came up with my own style.

I hopped into the vehicle with Archer and headed to Joann’s in the hopes of finding some faux leather. We rolled over to the home decor fabric scouted out some options then continued on to find the leather (almost bought marine vinyl) and then had my light bulb moment and thought jean would be perfect. Back again to home decor for her to choose and then to the jean. I knew from her choices that she would need a splash of color to make it truly hers so we picked out a fun fab quarter and accessories. I also followed the first post and bought some interfacing to make the bag sturdy. It took me an afternoon nap (2 hours) to complete the bag.

Here is the final product and Lil Miss enjoying her new treasure:










made: backpack

happy birthday archer

Archer is finally understanding and able to get that she is older. She proudly puts three fingers up to show how old she is and sings the birthday song. I think there is a bit of an obsession with birthday cake even though she never eats the actual cake only the icing. My aunt made a wonderful cake that any little girl would dream of and we got he inspiration from Pinterest and then let Archer choose the colors and style. We also grab some frozen yogurt from a local shop called The Cultured Swirl! For the party favors I whipped up some homemade playdoh in “neapolitan” style and put balls of “ice cream inside piping “come” bags. Here are a few pics from the day:







happy birthday archer

taking stock 02


Making:  busy boxes for Archer.

Cooking:  chicken pot pie.

Drinking:  hot tea (of any kind).

Reading:  Under the Never Sky series by Veronica Rossi

Wanting:  a pair of jeans that work for my post 2nd baby body (still).

Looking:  toward warmer sunnier days.

Playing:  peek-a-boo morning, noon and night.

Wasting:  away as I give up chocolate for Lent.

Sewing:  a quilt for baby Ayla.

Wishing:  the weather for a bit warmer so I could take the kids out for a walk.

Enjoying:  my extra hour of sleep in the morning, due to Daylights Savings Time until the kids get the swing of things.

Waiting:  for Spring to come.

Liking:  Tom Tom Club

Wondering:  what  it will be like to homeschool my kids.

Loving:  watching the kiddos give hugs and kisses randomly during the day.

Hoping:  for one warm day this week so I can take a walk around town.

Marveling:  the Truth of Faith.

Needing:  a few more hours in the day to get my To Do list finished.

Smelling:  the sweet scent of a baby.

Wearing:  my new Toms that the Hubs bought on zulily for me.

Following:  the shrill cries of the Little Man.

Noticing:  the brightness in the morning and later in the night.

Knowing:  time heals all wounds.

Thinking:  I am horrible at blogging and yet it only takes a little effort.

Bookmarking:  Dream House ideas.

Opening:  new shoes.

Giggling:  as we tuck into bed.

Feeling:  overwhelmed by cleaning.

taking stock 02