absence makes the…

heart grow fonder, the cobwebs grow bigger… Not sure which I’m thinking right now. But I haven’t followed through with more than a couple of my 30 in 30 list 😞 I had good intentions in making the list that it would help motivate me to get some things done within my thirtieth year. Now thinking about it it doesn’t really concern me. For once I’m calm about it and maybe because I have so much going on.

And lately here we have been dealing with so much sickness that I want to strip everything apart and bleach it but I won’t go to that extreme. I’m just finding it odd that we only frequent the zoo, library, YMCA and the store and we came out somehow with one NASTY virus. But I have been stealing time here and there to work on some things. Here are a few things I have going.






absence makes the…

Supernova Block Swap #3

This is the first time I have been behind in sharing my new block on here. (I did however get it up in time on Flickr!) I am of course going to blame it on something and what better than my children. This has been a crazy week and thankfully my wonderful Hubs has made it possible for me to go out two nights without the kids. Most of the time I can’t even remember the lady time I was out so this week has been a treat.

Back on subject: oh yes! My excuse. We have a sicky in the house that is not taking too kindly to meds. Not sleeping great at night. Wanting to nurse like a newborn… Etc etc. but that’s not the only reason we are also cleaning, decluttering and packing up some of our things to make our house more presentable to sell. And finally I’ve been wanting to work on my project more than dealing with the computer. Whew A LOT of complaining!

Well one of the two nights I was able to get together with Christina. This us the third time I got to see her in two weeks! It’s not always like this but boy was it a treat! We went to the State Fair for Veteran’s Day and shared our hard earned (summer reading program) tickets with Christina and her man and also we got to visit her classroom.

I drove up to her house Tuesday. I know it’s great to be so close to her and to know her for this swap but let me say this was only the second time I have been to her house. She made me an awesome dinner and then we got to work on some projects.

I was so surprised when we swapped our blocks because each time I’m so surprised by our color combos and how we haven’t made a like one yet. Here are our two blocks:

Mine is on the bottom. I love how bright and cheery her block turned out and how it contrasted well with mine. I need to head back to the store because I don’t have quite enough of the background fabric. Also looking ahead I need to figure what I want to use for the contrasting color.

We spent the night with me working on cross stitch that will be part of a bigger project and she cut out pieces for a quilt she is putting together. And of course sitting in the middle of her craft floor chatting. We had a good time reminiscing on our childhood and finding a lot of similarities on what we used to like. We were both fond of the same candies and pies and getting to roam free as children.

Her favorite memory was staying out late Christmas shopping with just her mom. Her mom even surprised her with dinner at benihana’s. And mine was just the freedom to play and go with my siblings. We could walk for miles and discover nature on our own. So much has changed since we were little.

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Supernova Block Swap #3