Oh the things to do…

It has been quite a while (October to be exact) since you have seen a post here. I have been meaning to do this and that to my blog and just haven’t found the time in between keeping the house clean, showings, kids, quilting… the list could go on for sure to fill this post with reasons and excuses of why I can’t spend at least 5 minutes a day. So much has happened that I would love to share but with the new year in full swing already I think a clean slate and a where are we now post will be better than trying to show and tell all that is past.

We are in the midst of showings and open houses to sell our home. We have been here for almost 4 years and we are ready to move on to our next adventure. We have purchased some land in the downtown Indy area not too far from where we are now in the hopes of getting to build our “dream home” of right now. The hubs has diligently listened to all my requests and ideas that we have smooshed together too create a beautiful design. From those ideas he has rendered a drawing and comes up with the concept that we will later have professionally drawn up. We were really hoping to be in that direction currently but stuck in the selling our house portion. We have a bunch of big plans and design elements that I can’t wait to share here.

I have been busy busy working in my craft room. I have managed to make for quilts and a couple minis plus some bags. It was a handmade Christmas for sure. I have also been involved in a few swaps on Instagram that have stretched my creativity and have been such a delight. I continue to finish up my supernova for the end of the month deadline and Christina and I have big plans for the new year. I (almost) joined my first bee but was very hesitant with the choices available. A beginner bee which I’ve never been in one so it makes sense and the other an advanced paper piecing which I could handle but not sure I would solely like to do that the whole time. So I haven’t found a group yet but have enjoyed making things with Christina.

Our #homeschooladvantage had been sorely lacking with showings and holidays and we have relaxed to art and manipulatives. Which both are a hit around here. Hoping to get back into the swing of things and would love to get my hands on the Handwriting without Tears curriculum and materials. Archer will begin speech this week and will continue for a while too work on articulation, beginning sounds and blends. She is excited to have another “teacher” in her schedule. Also hoping to get into another YMCA class when the new session begins. Griffin hit his first 100 years before the new year began and is beginning to put words together to make sentences.

More changes coming soon… But have to wait a bit before we know for sure. And this post is beginning to become winded.

Leave you with one last thing. I had been thinking before the new year about resolutions and new beginnings. I’m not very good at resolutions but I decided on a word to help me focus on this year. I had several in mind but settled on present. I want to be present in all aspects. And I also want to present myself, my true self always. So here’s to bring present while I present myself clearly.


A photo from our weekend trip to Kansas for a friend’s wedding. Also our first weekend out of town without kids.


Oh the things to do…

Our Fall Bucket List

I’m a list maker, taker and builder. I love this as much as my sleep and more than my coffee. So come this Autumn I am in need of a list of things we want to do:

1. Go on a nature hike and collect fun!

2. Go to an orchard and pick apples.
3. Rake leaves and jump in them.
4. Carve pumpkins.
5. Zoo Boo
6. Trick or Treating!
7. Roast marshmallows.
8. Make a thankful tree.
9. Roast pumpkin seeds.
10. Throw a Halloween Bash!!

I kept this list small and manageable. I’m sure there will be other things that make the list but this will be a great start!! Happy Fall!!

Our Fall Bucket List

bring on 30!

Today is my 30th birthday! I remember growing up and dreading 30 and wanting to hold on to my 20s like they were a lifeline to something I can’t even remember. Maybe that is my aging brain working. But since it has turned out to be such a momentous milestone for me I want to kick it off with: 30 New Things

I have the year to accomplish the list and well not sure why I thought this was a good idea but here it goes.

1. Learn how to knit.

2. Knit a cowl.

3. Learn how to slip stitch.

4. Blog at least once a week.

5. Find a place to volunteer once a month.

6. Learn how to embroider (is there a pattern happening).

7. Embroider an alphabet set.

8. Learn how to paper piece. the lovely Christina taught me!

9. Make my own gelato.

10. Run once a week. this is not happening quite yet and I’m thinking it might need to be redefined.

11. Sign up and run a 5k.

12. Learn to cross stitch. Christina taught me something new again!

13. Make my own tag.

14. Make memory books for kids.

15. Visit with both sides of my family.

16. Setup game night at least once month.

17. Go camping.

18. Take a crafty class.

19. Try 30 14 new recipes.

20. Host a dinner party of friends.

21. Get a tattoo.

22. Complete 30 24 pins.

23. outside concert Celestine Street Fest.

24. Night out once a month to myself July.

25. Date night once a month.

26. Visit a different country.

27. Ride a tandem bicycle.

28. Meatless Monday.

29. Break ground on our house!

30. Throw a birthday bash for the Hubs and Me.

If anyone can help me out in any way I welcome the advice and assistance!! Going to be a great year!

Goodbye 20’s! You brought such great things to my life. My husband and his family. Being reunited with my dad and his family after twenty years. My gorgeous children. Beautiful friendships and the joys of living in downtown Indy.

bring on 30!

happy birthday griffin

For Griffin’s birthday we whipped out the stashes and combed over the hair to celebrate our Little Man turning one! I know it’s so cliche to say it but time really does fly! I can’t believe a year has passed. I had so much fun putting together little things for his birthday. I spent the whole day before in the kitchen whipping up mustache treats and working on his birthday board. My aunt yet again made the smash cake after we looked through some ideas on Pinterest. For the party favors I filled little treats bags with stache kisses and mustache buttons that I found on etsy. The fantastic quilt was made by my friend Christina. And a mustache pillow was made by my other friend Brooke. I am a huge advocate of homemade gifts 🙂










happy birthday griffin

Daylight savings, gainings, losing…

This used to be a sore subject with me because I felt like I had no control. No control over my feelings, reactions, emotions, time… everything was out of control and I never felt 100%. Luckily I have a great nurse practitioner who took the time to sit down with and really listen to what my problems were.

It wasn’t the first time I asked for help. I had actually been on medication twice but this time felt different. Things were good at home and at work. So after a blood test we figured out that I have a vitamin D deficiency. And that during the months when the sun doesn’t have its same potency as the warmer months my body doesn’t get all that my body requires.

The name for it is:
Seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Once I knew the name and that taking extra Vitamin D could help me feel normal I couldn’t believe it was that simple.

So instead of feeling helpless I have a way of feeling like myself.

Daylight savings, gainings, losing…

Family Photos

I’m in LOVE with our new family photos and can’t believe that its almost been a month since we had them taken by Kurtis Bowersock. I can’t say enough good things about him. And if you are interested in an amazing investment then you should check them out. http://www.bowersockphoto.com/ So here are a couple shots from the day, I wish I could share them all because I’m that much in love with them. We headed over to Garfield Park and around Fountain Square for this chilly morning.

Schnell-167-2869066892-O Schnell-129-2869060091-O Schnell-111-2869057427-O Schnell-104-2869056176-O

Family Photos

Operation Kitchen :)

Tomorrow marks the beginning of our kitchen makeover. We have been planning and thinking this over probably as long as we have lived in this house (2.5 yrs) but haven’t gotten around to getting it done. We have decided to go with an IKEA kitchen and have visited twice to design the layout. So this is the breakdown of hopefully just the to do list and not my sanity (with two kids and no kitchen) of how our kitchen is going to happen.

•clear out kitchen
•setup temporary kitchen
•block off kitchen to the Babes
• tear out cabinets, counters and floor
•jack up floor and insulate
•paint walls and ceiling
•lay laminate
•assemble cabinets
•install cabinets and sink
•install hardware
•replace window treatments
•upgrade and beautify pantry
•buy new microwave and fridge
•remove a section of the wall opening the room to the dining room
•make desk area
•bar area?

I think that is it but I’m sure there is something I’m forgetting on my list. So here is to hopefully around two weeks of chaos. Be sure to check back for the before and after photos and a rundown on the craziness that I am sure will take place!

UPDATE: 11/25/13

So in the week that we have started our work on the kitchen we have moved everything out, set up a temporary kitchen and removed all the cabinets and flooring in the kitchen. We ran into a few more problems than what we had expected but with this house it happens. So now we just need to get everything from IKEA and get down to the fun stuff.

Operation Kitchen :)