taking stock 06

Making: a quilt for Ayla. A Tova for me. And a schedule for Archer.

Cooking: up some failures in the bread department and successes in the desserts.

Drinking: coffee with honey and soy milk.

Reading: “Looking for Alaska” by John Green.

Wanting: more time in the day to get projects cleared off the list.

Looking: forward to a routine.

Playing: ballet and dress up.

Wasting: so many trees.

Sewing: aprons, zipper pouches and quilts.

Wishing: we were in our new house.

Enjoying: the late night hours to myself.

Waiting: for the rain.

Liking: the sounds of babbling and laughter.

Wondering: when how homeschooling will work this year.

Loving: my quiet times with Griffin.

Hoping: the rain will hold off for the state fair tonight.

Marveling: how neat it is to grow a child and then sustain one.

Needing: a bigger work space.

Smelling: pickled carrots
Wearing: my one and only pair of jeans and a tshirt.

Following: my heart and gut to keep my kids at home.

Noticing: the passage of time and how some days feel like minutes and other like hours.

Knowing: that tomorrow will bring a new day.

Thinking: that my life is blessed and I need to take more time to enjoy it.

Bookmarking: homeschool curriculum.

Opening: new patterns to try.

Giggling: at sloppy kisses.

Feeling: in awe.


taking stock 06

quilt: log cabin

I started this log cabin eons eons and eons ago. Ok ok maybe ages but probably in reality about twenty something weeks ago.

On a trip down to visit the Hubs family I drove out to Joann’s with Gma Doris and found some fabric, probably the first time I bought some without a focused plan in mind. I found a tutorial for log cabins in a Martha Stewart magazine. Then I went to Gma Doris’s “store” and she hooked me up with a bunch of different solids.

At this time I was very new to quilting and hadn’t made a quilt that wasn’t only strips or squares, so this was a big deal. I had plans to make it for my sister’s little girl even. I got so pumped and plugged in for a few days and then got burnt out after 5 blocks. I just wasn’t feeling it. It didn’t have exact measurements and I felt like I was making a lot of waste and not much headway.

Then months later I’m cleaning up and out my craft nook and I find the beauties all bagged up just begging to be loved again. One afternoon and late evening I finished up the remaining blocks, baste and set out to quilt in the morning.


Here is a few more pictures after picking it up again:










And here it is finished. I decided to use the machine to quilt and was only halfway pleased with the results. I had to seam rip a bunch but it’s finished.




quilt: log cabin

quilt: basket weave fish mini

A lot had been happening here this past week… I have been diligently working on all my wip projects. I told myself I need to finish them up before starting on yet another project. So now with that said I need to catch up on my blog posts. If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen the sneak peeks and the final pictures of the projects.

First up is my basket weave fish mini quilt. I wanted to use my new skills courtesy of Christina and make her something as a thank you. At first I kept it a secret but then spilled the beans when I needed a bit of input. I love how it looks and was sad to part with the little gem. I have yet to own my own hand quilted lovey! Here are a few pictures of he process and the end result:








Here she is!



quilt: basket weave fish mini

made: apron

I whipped up this apron a couple weeks ago for my friend Christina. She is about to start out a new year of teaching and was given an unflattering apron to wear daily. This is where I came to the rescue and got the idea that I would make one for her. She looked on Pinterest and found a tutorial and pattern for free so I was all in!!

I had picked out the fabric. Printed the pattern from the website. And then decided I would get some sleep and pick it up the next day. This is when I head back over to the website to go through the free tutorial and it is no longer there!! freak out moment and a bunch of searching and I find that the author has moved the free tutorial and turned the whole thing into a pattern that needs to be bought.

Freak out moment two

I can’t remember how to do part of it. So I jump back on Pinterest and find more free tutorials and then I get down to business. I love how it turned out and almost kept it for myself.

I handed it over to her this past Friday and she loves it but we found a little oopsie she is fixing so I have yet to get a picture of her with her beauty.





A couple photos. The ones with legs are with me trying it on with the strings still pinned. I think I stabbed myself a couple times during the process. Then on the chair so I didn’t need to take anymore leg selfies!

made: apron

Supernova Swap #2

I keep delaying the writing of this post to work on other projects that I have going on. I never thought that I would jump back into sewing the way I have now. I have always been a sewer since I became an adult but mostly bags and baby items. BUT I am extremely in love and on a fabulous quilting high right now! Ok so on with my post 🙂

During our second swap Christina came to visit for the day and we headed out to visit the Indianapolis Zoo after a thunderstorm blew through. We usually go on a weekly basis but it is a treat when we have a friend come along for the day.

Before we headed out Christina imparted gifts on Archer and me. Archer received something she has been longings for during this season of rain.

And Christina gave me the most wonderful birthday gift. If you know me you know I love handmade gifts 🙂 here is the beauty that she gifted me plus it’s full of flat headed pins from her as well.


I have always adored the pineapple block from afar and was hoping one day I would be able to make one. Which comes to the greatest part of the day. Christina taught me how to paper piece.

I have been wanting to learn for awhile and was hoping to jump into a class at a local shop but missed the deadline. We searched for what she thought was a simple pattern, scrounged around in my scraps and got down to business. This is my final product:


Since then I whipped her up a mini quilt and also made a block for myself that is a work in progress. You can check out pictures on my Instagram.

Ok back to the reason of this post 🙂 we had our second swap and let me say I was super excited. I did this block almost right after I finished the first one and I have to say that I am in love. I sort of wish I would have grabbed a few more yards of a few of these fabrics to bust out a lap quilt. But just wait and see because I have a wip that is using all my little triangle scraps!

My block is on the right and hers is on the left. I can’t wait to get this quilt out together and then on my bed. I love the bright fabrics so much!

They also asked for us to answer a question delivered by them for each swap; here is the question for this month:
Without any physical or mental limitations, or personal obligations such as children or money, if you could hold any occupation or talent what would you choose and why? Would you be a great artist, an Olympic athlete, a neurosurgeon – the possibilities are limitless – share with your partner what it is about that talent or profession that inspires you.

Christina said that she would like be a modern day Martha Stewart (post jail) with hosting her own show and basically living the life of crafting. I finally settled after much debate (in my own head) that I would be an opera singer. I have always dreamed of becoming a singer and opera seems so magical to me with the theatrics and different languages.

Ok so finally linking up to Stephanie and Sandra. 🙂

Supernova Swap #2

made: jellyroll quilt

I was beyond ready and excited to show this quilt to it’s owner. I had talked to my mom about the construction and had out little sneak peeks up on Instagram but hadn’t revealed the completed quilt until Ainsley opened her gifts.

Here are a few pictures I shared on Instagram of the process that I went through.

It finished longer than a lap quilt but not quite as wide as a twin. Sort of a odd size but I think perfect for her. I also started this quilt out quilting it on my machine but I wasn’t a fan of the look. Also not a fan of the batting I bought and have recently switched to another kind that lays nicer. I ended up quilting straight lines using DMC cotton perle size 8. Enjoy 🙂














made: jellyroll quilt

made: skirt

This past weekend while the kids were sleeping away from the fun festivities I got to work making a skirt. I kept staring at my neighbor’s skirts through this summer and just knew she found them from a tutorial and lucky for me she remembered where.

I headed over to Joann’s and found this fabulous graphic fabric.


I followed this tutorial and in the time of a nap time I whipped this up!



I love the pockets! Next time I will take it in more. I think I had a food baby belly when I measures my waist.

made: skirt