“What Would I Do If I Just Stopped Worrying That I Would Ruin My Kid Right Here and Now?”

I started this post at the beginning of the month and just now remembered that it was in my drafts. I do this often, actually. When I think of something or when something is weighing on me me I begin a post and then when I have the time to write I work on it.

I have been spending most of my time reading lately. I love love love to read. My neck and arthritis would even tell you how much I love to read. The problem with me reading is that I get sucked into a book and only come up to breathe when I am finished. This particular book I picked up read and then put down forgot about it and then picked it back up. It’s not that I didn’t find it interesting or that I couldn’t relate; it was that I already knew most of what the book was saying that it wasn’t a radically new concept to me. I think I have my degree to thank for done of the knowledge I have the rest would be from my upbringing.

Speaking of upbringing I am very fortunate to have had so many experiences and real world circumstances that most things I know about and am able to do. I’m also thankful that my husband is the same way. Together we are able to tackle most things which I take for granted until I find someone that doesn’t know how.

So back to the book: Free-Range Kids: Giving Our Children the Freedom We Had Without Going Nuts with Worry
Book by Lenore Skenazy talks about the dangers and supposed “dangers” that are kids are faced with everyday and how “most” parents handle them. It gives statistics of crimes and also give “baby” steps and “free range” steps that patents can take to get better at the different commandments throughout the book.

Though I do agree with most of the book and I feel that we do most of these things with our two-year old daughter I have to say that she is two and a two-year old will sometimes act like a monkey 🙂 I also believe that it really depends on the child when it is appropriate to give them more freedom. I know done children that ate laid back and can be trusted not to leave a yard and then there is my daughter who would walk down the block by herself and not think twice if I wasn’t with her.

My favorite chapter started out with the title of this post. And I think that this can apply to all areas in parenting. I think in this time in our history parenting has really hit the forefront if conversation. I’m not saying that it wasn’t there before but I feel that some are asserting their thoughts and beliefs about what is right and wrong a lot more then what I saw before. I have wrote about parenting styles before so I don’t need to go into detail today.

I also have a hard time parting myself from some of my schooling as an Early Childhood Education major. It seems like more and more I see Montessori, Piaget, and Waldorf are showing themselves in this day and age. There is not one day that I can’t hop onto Pinterest and see a pin involving activities by one of them. So around here you will probably hear about one of them and what we are doing but I don’t feel like one way should have to define who I am as a parent, so what does that make me? Eclectic, a borrower, or a little bit of mush.

I think I’ve come to realize that what I once thought was the never ending chores were life-skills that made me a better person. Also that instead of looking at them as chores I can see them as those things for my children. So when I’m sweeping they can be sweeping (with little brooms) or when I’m doing dishes they can help as well. It’s not a “job” it’s just something we do together as a family.


Only person you can be mad at…

Is yourself, sometimes.

Argh ugh! It’s taken me 2 years and almost 4 months to completely grasp this. That’s how long my babes have been living outside the womb btw. Here I am again at home with two sleeping babes while the Hubs is out hanging with our friends celebrating a birthday. I doubt I can count on both my fingers and toes how many times its been lopsided like this.
Ever since I became pregnant and had the first, things have been different. We decided I wasn’t going back to work and not that didn’t think that was great until the first time I wanted to buy something and well I wasn’t making any money so should I buy it or should I ask… Blah blah blah. Then there are the times when I want to take a class or meet up with friends without kids and even though I’m with them all day I still have to work around his schedule.
But can I really push all the blame onto him for me being the one stuck at home, probably not but I wanted to tonight. And that’s when I realized that maybe I need to do something about some me time. Being with the kids all day the only me time I have is my nightly shower, that’s pretty pathetic. But I crave time with my husband at night and so then I don’t go do anything and I end up with the kids still. I sometimes wonder if he ever has pause about the things he goes out to do after only having a couple hours to spend with the kids after work. I suppose that is a question for him.
So what’s the point of all this? Well I finally figured out that maybe some me time is ok. Better yet that it is essential for me and my health. It’s time for me to take action for my own time and insist that I get a little “freedom” here and there.
Just another random rant in the middle of the night 🙂

Only person you can be mad at…




15/52:  Archer is such a clever girl and had found a way to be in the action while I was cleaning. As much as I like her genius it wasn’t quite practical so we ended up getting her a stool.  She enjoys cleaning dishes, making dinner and just being in the action.




15/52:  Little Man’s 3 month photo! I love watching him grow he has gotten so big in such a short time.




15/52: We headed out to IKEA after the Hubs got out of work to work on our kitchen and to buy a few things we have been wanting around the house.  Griffin and I meandered around as daddy was busy busy working.


OK so finally I am caught up! I don’t know why its so hard for me to sit down and put these together each week. I need to get to it.





!4/52: Archer finally got to meet her friend Priska in person. We have been “stalking” her since her birth on facebook and instagram. They had a delightful day at the zoo and were great at sharing their treats.




14/52: Lil Man enjoyed some cuddles, tickles, giggles and smiles with his Great Great Aunt Mary Lee.




14/52:  Archer enjoyed some great time in the water.  Here she is pictured with her Uncle Trent. Daddy got his turn too but only got captured on a video.