Daylight savings, gainings, losing…

This used to be a sore subject with me because I felt like I had no control. No control over my feelings, reactions, emotions, time… everything was out of control and I never felt 100%. Luckily I have a great nurse practitioner who took the time to sit down with and really listen to what my problems were.

It wasn’t the first time I asked for help. I had actually been on medication twice but this time felt different. Things were good at home and at work. So after a blood test we figured out that I have a vitamin D deficiency. And that during the months when the sun doesn’t have its same potency as the warmer months my body doesn’t get all that my body requires.

The name for it is:
Seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Once I knew the name and that taking extra Vitamin D could help me feel normal I couldn’t believe it was that simple.

So instead of feeling helpless I have a way of feeling like myself.

Daylight savings, gainings, losing…