the why in the school

I have a college degree in early childhood education.

I stay home with both my kids.

Education can be such a bear on the wallet.

My children will have more individual attention.

We can go at our own pace and set the schedule we like.

No need to give up the 3 hour afternoon nap yet.

Attention spans are limited.

Learn during play.

Field trips and vacation whenever.

Well this list is incomplete and only partially true but true there are some valid reasons why we decided to homeschool this year. I’m not saying every year will have the same reasons or even look the same but for now this is what is happening.

We are in out third week of homeschool preschool with Archer our 3 yo. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a couple pics of the first week. Then I had the intention to write a post about our week and the ins and outs of what we were doing. But then the second week came and well now we are on the third.

We are keeping things pretty lax and seeing how she handles working. We are now doing three mornings a week. I decided on which mornings based on other things we have going on during the week. We only do mornings because truth be told she still takes a three hour afternoon nap almost everyday.

We started just working with the calendar and counting the days and learning a letter of the week using the activities. I don’t take it too seriously if she needs a break, wants to work with something else or if Griffin wants to join in with the fun I’m totally ok changing things up. Some mornings she doesn’t feel up to it but as soon as griff shows interests she jumps right in where we are. Ok here are some pictures I’ve taken over the past three weeks. I think the picture pretty much explains what is happening but if you have questions I’ll be open to talking about it more.















the why in the school

made: apron

I whipped up this apron a couple weeks ago for my friend Christina. She is about to start out a new year of teaching and was given an unflattering apron to wear daily. This is where I came to the rescue and got the idea that I would make one for her. She looked on Pinterest and found a tutorial and pattern for free so I was all in!!

I had picked out the fabric. Printed the pattern from the website. And then decided I would get some sleep and pick it up the next day. This is when I head back over to the website to go through the free tutorial and it is no longer there!! freak out moment and a bunch of searching and I find that the author has moved the free tutorial and turned the whole thing into a pattern that needs to be bought.

Freak out moment two

I can’t remember how to do part of it. So I jump back on Pinterest and find more free tutorials and then I get down to business. I love how it turned out and almost kept it for myself.

I handed it over to her this past Friday and she loves it but we found a little oopsie she is fixing so I have yet to get a picture of her with her beauty.





A couple photos. The ones with legs are with me trying it on with the strings still pinned. I think I stabbed myself a couple times during the process. Then on the chair so I didn’t need to take anymore leg selfies!

made: apron