Supernova Friendship Block Swap Finish!

I’m beyond excited to have this one finished and off the sewing table. This was a real struggle to finish with sickness, holidays, other commitments and just feeling the funk of no interest of sewing. I chose to hand quilt the top and didn’t even have it marked out until the beginning of January. After some brainstorming with Gma Schnell I marked for a whole weekend in between other commitments and came away with a lot of work.

I’m pretty NEW to quilting if you have been following along. My first attempt was a lovey that my LO didn’t take to and now has become a doll quilt. My second was a jelly roll quilt and the third I pieced the top but had Gma Schnell finish the rest… Wait for it (dragging my feet) few or several months later I caught the bug after ahem* stalking a new friend on instagram and she sent me in a direction to make my first quilt piecing hst.  Let me just say it came together quickly but my seams weren’t consistent and I bought broadcloth on accident… sigh smh and even this one wasn’t finished by me.

Since then I have made 1 twin, 4 pillows, a very badly pieced mini for myself, a precut packaged vintage quilt (queen), a doll quilt, my first paper pieced mini, 3 mug rugs, 4 slightly smaller than lap quilts, 1 lap quilt, 2 minis for swaps, more bags and pouches than I’d like to count this morning, and in the midst of all that I joined this and made my first sort queen size (62″ square). Why am I listing all this well because mostly I need a reminder of the journey but also maybe to give other people the encouragement I needed to start this adventure. Its ok to start small, make mistakes, become a stalker… it all starts with the first step (well minus the stalker thing because that’s just creepy).

This was also my first quilt-a-long so it was nice to have a friend to work with to make it more fun and definitely someone to complain to about all the nitpicking things that drove me nuts. Christina and I have been thick as thieves back from college with a little lapse in between when I moved away for a bit. We are our own mini (itty bitty only 2) bee. And we try to get together about once a week, if not every other week to craft, eat, and just hang out. So each month if you remember we made each other a block plus an identical one to and then swapped. Then there was this big gap of nothing where we were supposed to be finishing the quilt to do our final post (being what you are reading) for a chance to win some awesome prizes. Hence when I also stopped blogging.

Ok enough already (I hear you) here is the final quilt:










It took me about a month to quilt on and off during naps and the wee hours of the night. Its been lovingly used since. Makes me feel like spring is around the corner.

Linking up one final time with Stephanie, Sandra and our judge Lee.

Supernova Friendship Block Swap Finish!

Supernova Swap #2

I keep delaying the writing of this post to work on other projects that I have going on. I never thought that I would jump back into sewing the way I have now. I have always been a sewer since I became an adult but mostly bags and baby items. BUT I am extremely in love and on a fabulous quilting high right now! Ok so on with my post 🙂

During our second swap Christina came to visit for the day and we headed out to visit the Indianapolis Zoo after a thunderstorm blew through. We usually go on a weekly basis but it is a treat when we have a friend come along for the day.

Before we headed out Christina imparted gifts on Archer and me. Archer received something she has been longings for during this season of rain.

And Christina gave me the most wonderful birthday gift. If you know me you know I love handmade gifts 🙂 here is the beauty that she gifted me plus it’s full of flat headed pins from her as well.


I have always adored the pineapple block from afar and was hoping one day I would be able to make one. Which comes to the greatest part of the day. Christina taught me how to paper piece.

I have been wanting to learn for awhile and was hoping to jump into a class at a local shop but missed the deadline. We searched for what she thought was a simple pattern, scrounged around in my scraps and got down to business. This is my final product:


Since then I whipped her up a mini quilt and also made a block for myself that is a work in progress. You can check out pictures on my Instagram.

Ok back to the reason of this post 🙂 we had our second swap and let me say I was super excited. I did this block almost right after I finished the first one and I have to say that I am in love. I sort of wish I would have grabbed a few more yards of a few of these fabrics to bust out a lap quilt. But just wait and see because I have a wip that is using all my little triangle scraps!

My block is on the right and hers is on the left. I can’t wait to get this quilt out together and then on my bed. I love the bright fabrics so much!

They also asked for us to answer a question delivered by them for each swap; here is the question for this month:
Without any physical or mental limitations, or personal obligations such as children or money, if you could hold any occupation or talent what would you choose and why? Would you be a great artist, an Olympic athlete, a neurosurgeon – the possibilities are limitless – share with your partner what it is about that talent or profession that inspires you.

Christina said that she would like be a modern day Martha Stewart (post jail) with hosting her own show and basically living the life of crafting. I finally settled after much debate (in my own head) that I would be an opera singer. I have always dreamed of becoming a singer and opera seems so magical to me with the theatrics and different languages.

Ok so finally linking up to Stephanie and Sandra. 🙂

Supernova Swap #2

Supernova Swap #1

If you remember earlier this week when I put up this post about a quilt-a-long I was joining hosted by Stephanie @Late Night Quilter. And if not head there first to check out the details.

Well since Christina and I live in the same state (almost the same city) and are friends we were able to meet up for our block swap. We headed to our favorite pottery place, had some Asian comfort food, visited her work place for an errand and did our block swap. I can’t express how anxious I was to show her my block.

Not going to lie the darn thing gave me all sorts of trouble when I was trying to line everything up. I kept having to seam rip and adjust and I wanted every part to be perfect. I don’t have much experience with quilting and knowing Christina is a perfectionist like myself I knew I would really have to bring it!

We also had fun telling each other things we didn’t know about each other. I was pleasantly surprised since we have known each other for so long. One new thing I learned about Christina (we also happen to have in common) was that she was in show choir! Shoot I didn’t even know she could sing!

Here is my block that I put together 🙂


Here is the block I received from Christina:


Looks like we are drawn to the same patterns. It should be interesting to see what the next months will bring. And I know I can’t wait to find out.

Until then 🙂

Supernova Swap #1

quilt: rainbow dash (complete)

The name hmm… Well after talking with Christina about the various project we have in progress I kept thinking when was the last time I did something for myself. So off to the drawing board graph paper I went and the planning began. I knew that I wanted to go small and quick. I my mind I was thinking mug rug. My first attempt was a barn star using my rainbow colors and after many failed attempts and redoing and redoing I restarted. I began to draw out a design and whala!! So I got to work during nap times, while dinner was cooking and when everyone went off to bed and here is what I came up with:






I also put up my first wip on Instagram and had fun linking up with Freshly Pieced. I’m really new at quilting but have been sewing for quite some time. I usually leave the hard stuff like quilting and binding to Gma Doris and she has been very wonderful in helping me out.
So I’m very proud of this one because I came up with the idea, put in down on paper, selected and cut all the fabric, pieced, quilted, and slapped on the binding. It’s not quite exact beautiful but I love it 🙂

Note to self:

Practice quilting
Binding-learn to sew by hand
Practice practice practice piecing hsts

quilt: rainbow dash (complete)