Supernova Friendship Block Swap Finish!

I’m beyond excited to have this one finished and off the sewing table. This was a real struggle to finish with sickness, holidays, other commitments and just feeling the funk of no interest of sewing. I chose to hand quilt the top and didn’t even have it marked out until the beginning of January. After some brainstorming with Gma Schnell I marked for a whole weekend in between other commitments and came away with a lot of work.

I’m pretty NEW to quilting if you have been following along. My first attempt was a lovey that my LO didn’t take to and now has become a doll quilt. My second was a jelly roll quilt and the third I pieced the top but had Gma Schnell finish the rest… Wait for it (dragging my feet) few or several months later I caught the bug after ahem* stalking a new friend on instagram and she sent me in a direction to make my first quilt piecing hst.  Let me just say it came together quickly but my seams weren’t consistent and I bought broadcloth on accident… sigh smh and even this one wasn’t finished by me.

Since then I have made 1 twin, 4 pillows, a very badly pieced mini for myself, a precut packaged vintage quilt (queen), a doll quilt, my first paper pieced mini, 3 mug rugs, 4 slightly smaller than lap quilts, 1 lap quilt, 2 minis for swaps, more bags and pouches than I’d like to count this morning, and in the midst of all that I joined this and made my first sort queen size (62″ square). Why am I listing all this well because mostly I need a reminder of the journey but also maybe to give other people the encouragement I needed to start this adventure. Its ok to start small, make mistakes, become a stalker… it all starts with the first step (well minus the stalker thing because that’s just creepy).

This was also my first quilt-a-long so it was nice to have a friend to work with to make it more fun and definitely someone to complain to about all the nitpicking things that drove me nuts. Christina and I have been thick as thieves back from college with a little lapse in between when I moved away for a bit. We are our own mini (itty bitty only 2) bee. And we try to get together about once a week, if not every other week to craft, eat, and just hang out. So each month if you remember we made each other a block plus an identical one to and then swapped. Then there was this big gap of nothing where we were supposed to be finishing the quilt to do our final post (being what you are reading) for a chance to win some awesome prizes. Hence when I also stopped blogging.

Ok enough already (I hear you) here is the final quilt:










It took me about a month to quilt on and off during naps and the wee hours of the night. Its been lovingly used since. Makes me feel like spring is around the corner.

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Supernova Friendship Block Swap Finish!

Oh the things to do…

It has been quite a while (October to be exact) since you have seen a post here. I have been meaning to do this and that to my blog and just haven’t found the time in between keeping the house clean, showings, kids, quilting… the list could go on for sure to fill this post with reasons and excuses of why I can’t spend at least 5 minutes a day. So much has happened that I would love to share but with the new year in full swing already I think a clean slate and a where are we now post will be better than trying to show and tell all that is past.

We are in the midst of showings and open houses to sell our home. We have been here for almost 4 years and we are ready to move on to our next adventure. We have purchased some land in the downtown Indy area not too far from where we are now in the hopes of getting to build our “dream home” of right now. The hubs has diligently listened to all my requests and ideas that we have smooshed together too create a beautiful design. From those ideas he has rendered a drawing and comes up with the concept that we will later have professionally drawn up. We were really hoping to be in that direction currently but stuck in the selling our house portion. We have a bunch of big plans and design elements that I can’t wait to share here.

I have been busy busy working in my craft room. I have managed to make for quilts and a couple minis plus some bags. It was a handmade Christmas for sure. I have also been involved in a few swaps on Instagram that have stretched my creativity and have been such a delight. I continue to finish up my supernova for the end of the month deadline and Christina and I have big plans for the new year. I (almost) joined my first bee but was very hesitant with the choices available. A beginner bee which I’ve never been in one so it makes sense and the other an advanced paper piecing which I could handle but not sure I would solely like to do that the whole time. So I haven’t found a group yet but have enjoyed making things with Christina.

Our #homeschooladvantage had been sorely lacking with showings and holidays and we have relaxed to art and manipulatives. Which both are a hit around here. Hoping to get back into the swing of things and would love to get my hands on the Handwriting without Tears curriculum and materials. Archer will begin speech this week and will continue for a while too work on articulation, beginning sounds and blends. She is excited to have another “teacher” in her schedule. Also hoping to get into another YMCA class when the new session begins. Griffin hit his first 100 years before the new year began and is beginning to put words together to make sentences.

More changes coming soon… But have to wait a bit before we know for sure. And this post is beginning to become winded.

Leave you with one last thing. I had been thinking before the new year about resolutions and new beginnings. I’m not very good at resolutions but I decided on a word to help me focus on this year. I had several in mind but settled on present. I want to be present in all aspects. And I also want to present myself, my true self always. So here’s to bring present while I present myself clearly.


A photo from our weekend trip to Kansas for a friend’s wedding. Also our first weekend out of town without kids.


Oh the things to do…

taking stock 07

Making: a Halloween quilt and a coffee cozy with the scraps!

Cooking: up some delicious finds on Pinterest that even the kids enjoy.

Drinking: water.

Reading: My 132nd books since January.

Wanting: more patience to deal with the kids when they refuse to take naps.

Looking: for the first change in the leaves and the brisk breeze.

Playing: snakes and bears.

Wasting: my brain cells by staying up late.

Sewing: way too many things at once. Its time to clear out the WIP list before I start something else.

Wishing: it was easier to keep the house clean with two kids.

Enjoying: the late night hours to myself.

Waiting: for the weather where I can layer up and wear scarves.

Liking: the politeness that my kiddos show each other.

Wondering: where we will be in a few months.

Loving: my Griffin’s sweet words uttered in the night.

Hoping: that the person viewing our house decides to buy!

Marveling: how the daylight hours are getting shorter.

Needing: just a little more time to myself.

Smelling: freshly laundered clothes.

Wearing: my snowflake cuddleduds and a nursing tank. It is bedtime here!

Following: the same path almost every night.

Noticing: the minute pains in my shoulders and legs after a day cleaning.

Knowing: that tomorrow will bring a new day.

Thinking: life is going to get a lot more interesting here soon.

Bookmarking: quilt ideas and cross stitch patterns.

Opening: mail from Canada.

Giggling: at growls and laughter.

Feeling: immensely loved.



taking stock 07

wip wednesday

Ok so there is a decent list going on here in my work space. Lately I have not been able to focus on just one thing and have take a break from quilts to work on smaller projects. I was getting frustrated with some of the steps of quilting and needed to give it a break before I threw in the towel all together. So I have been on this that and everything else and took a much needed break and didn’t touch anything for a couple of days. This is what I have in progress:



Here is a secret project because I know the recipient actually follows along with my blog and pictures. It’s paper pieced and the second stab at what the end product will be. The first paper pieced pattern had way too many seams to be flattering.



This has been hand quilted and the binding has been partially sewn on just need to finish the rest and I’m waiting on a long car ride to finish it up.



I have begun to cut out my fabric for this donut quilt and have joined #mybooqal on Instagram. But then realized that I want more fabric choices than what it calls for so I am in need of a trip to the store.

I still have the Supernova Friendship Swap going on as well and soon will be able to reveal the next block I made for my partner. I have the pattern for a Tova cut out but have been trying to get my tension corrected in my serger before I give it a whirl. Also I’ve shown before a flying geese quilt that I have almost completed the top on but keep holding off since I just made Archer a quilt just recently. And finally the peacock feather cross stitch that will be part of a bigger project. Whew I didn’t realize I had so much going at once usually I try to keep it to one or two.

And then on my table now is a coffee cozy template from that I want to use with my Halloween scraps. Maybe I don’t need a break. Maybe I just need to tackle first what I have going on before I add something else to the list. Well until next time.


WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced



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wip wednesday

made: pillow perfection

Pillow perfection or at least for my standards! I needed a little selfish sewing after a few projects I have been busily making as I thought I would try my hand at something new so I whipped up an envelope pillow cover for one of the couch pillows. And I’m seriously in LOVE!

First I have a deep obsession with the fabric and wish I would have grabbed more when I bought it. I’ve made a bunting and now this so far with it. But I could see a great many things!! I usually like solids when I’m planning but end up with so many patterns so this was a nice change for me to go directly to them. I also used some natural hemp that I have from a previously project.

Side note: I’m having an affair with hemp lol well not technically but I love that it gives me that “natural” look, sort has a linen vibe, gets softer which each wash and is cheap!!

Ok back to the details! I’m a big sucker for flying geese and have been itching to create a circle of geese. So I found a free pattern on Pinterest and got to work only to find out that the way Christina taught me makes everything backwards and therefore the geese don’t all point in the same direction. That’s when a pleasant happy accident took place.





See how there are two that touch on both sides making a diamond. I actually love it and if I would have known would have chose colors accordingly. I guess I need to learn the correct way if I want to make anything that goes in a circle again 😦

Here is the finished cover. It is a hot commodity on our couch and Archer claims it as her own and if she is awake no one else can put their head upon it.



Not too shabby for my first time, ehh?

made: pillow perfection

absence makes the…

heart grow fonder, the cobwebs grow bigger… Not sure which I’m thinking right now. But I haven’t followed through with more than a couple of my 30 in 30 list 😞 I had good intentions in making the list that it would help motivate me to get some things done within my thirtieth year. Now thinking about it it doesn’t really concern me. For once I’m calm about it and maybe because I have so much going on.

And lately here we have been dealing with so much sickness that I want to strip everything apart and bleach it but I won’t go to that extreme. I’m just finding it odd that we only frequent the zoo, library, YMCA and the store and we came out somehow with one NASTY virus. But I have been stealing time here and there to work on some things. Here are a few things I have going.






absence makes the…

Supernova Block Swap #3

This is the first time I have been behind in sharing my new block on here. (I did however get it up in time on Flickr!) I am of course going to blame it on something and what better than my children. This has been a crazy week and thankfully my wonderful Hubs has made it possible for me to go out two nights without the kids. Most of the time I can’t even remember the lady time I was out so this week has been a treat.

Back on subject: oh yes! My excuse. We have a sicky in the house that is not taking too kindly to meds. Not sleeping great at night. Wanting to nurse like a newborn… Etc etc. but that’s not the only reason we are also cleaning, decluttering and packing up some of our things to make our house more presentable to sell. And finally I’ve been wanting to work on my project more than dealing with the computer. Whew A LOT of complaining!

Well one of the two nights I was able to get together with Christina. This us the third time I got to see her in two weeks! It’s not always like this but boy was it a treat! We went to the State Fair for Veteran’s Day and shared our hard earned (summer reading program) tickets with Christina and her man and also we got to visit her classroom.

I drove up to her house Tuesday. I know it’s great to be so close to her and to know her for this swap but let me say this was only the second time I have been to her house. She made me an awesome dinner and then we got to work on some projects.

I was so surprised when we swapped our blocks because each time I’m so surprised by our color combos and how we haven’t made a like one yet. Here are our two blocks:

Mine is on the bottom. I love how bright and cheery her block turned out and how it contrasted well with mine. I need to head back to the store because I don’t have quite enough of the background fabric. Also looking ahead I need to figure what I want to use for the contrasting color.

We spent the night with me working on cross stitch that will be part of a bigger project and she cut out pieces for a quilt she is putting together. And of course sitting in the middle of her craft floor chatting. We had a good time reminiscing on our childhood and finding a lot of similarities on what we used to like. We were both fond of the same candies and pies and getting to roam free as children.

Her favorite memory was staying out late Christmas shopping with just her mom. Her mom even surprised her with dinner at benihana’s. And mine was just the freedom to play and go with my siblings. We could walk for miles and discover nature on our own. So much has changed since we were little.

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Supernova Block Swap #3