Supernova Block Swap #5

This month happened to be our last block swap and yet again it was happening a bit later than the 15th. I headed over to Christina’ s on Friday for dinner and some crafting. I packed my bag full to the brim of different projects that I have in progress but didn’t seem to accomplish much of any of them. I blame it on the lull that I have been feeling lately and if you follow along with my instagram you will have seen some scrap projects I have been working during my free time.

While I was there I reworked what I had planned for my IGMINI partner and I’m loving how it is following along with the other projects I’ve been working on. I was devastated this past week and that might be part of why I’m in a funk; but as I was cuddling under my Halloween donut quilt I noticed that a couple of my quilted circles have broken. I checked the thread and well it’s 6 years old and not holding its strength. So she had the idea of me working on it bit by bit so it doesn’t depress me so much. I also put together a small Halloween quilt that needs to be quilted. I made a new plan for a quilt I have planned for my niece. So in all I was able to get some decisions made and little progress on a couple different things.

We also made our last swap and Christina laid out all the blocks so we could see how they would all fit together. We are both looking forward to the final product and discussed how we planned on quilting. Here are the blocks and mine is on the top:


These questions each month have broached a lot of deep conversation and had been great in helping us know more about each other. As I have said before we have known each other since our college days. The this month: What unexpected blessings do you have in your life?

Christina talked about her health and I’m sure she will discuss this in more detail. I talked about my different pregnancies and the blessings I have had with each.

The summer before I found out I was pregnant with Archer was an end to a rough year. My first pregnancies was ectopic and had to be aborted within my eighth week. The year was the hardest for me as a mother, woman and wife and ended with a two week trip to Haiti to teach English with my husband soon after his return from China. During the trip was body was out of whack and when I was home it was over two months before I realized I had not had my cycle. After a whole jar of pickles I decided it was time for a test. It was the day to the year that we lost our first child that we found out we were pregnant again. So unexpected to feel loss and gain at the same time and what a wonderful blessing.

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Disclaimer: If you have read my last post and wondering why there hasn’t been any changes is that I’m having trouble deciding where I want to blog from. But soon I promise 🙂

Supernova Block Swap #5

Only person you can be mad at…

Is yourself, sometimes.

Argh ugh! It’s taken me 2 years and almost 4 months to completely grasp this. That’s how long my babes have been living outside the womb btw. Here I am again at home with two sleeping babes while the Hubs is out hanging with our friends celebrating a birthday. I doubt I can count on both my fingers and toes how many times its been lopsided like this.
Ever since I became pregnant and had the first, things have been different. We decided I wasn’t going back to work and not that didn’t think that was great until the first time I wanted to buy something and well I wasn’t making any money so should I buy it or should I ask… Blah blah blah. Then there are the times when I want to take a class or meet up with friends without kids and even though I’m with them all day I still have to work around his schedule.
But can I really push all the blame onto him for me being the one stuck at home, probably not but I wanted to tonight. And that’s when I realized that maybe I need to do something about some me time. Being with the kids all day the only me time I have is my nightly shower, that’s pretty pathetic. But I crave time with my husband at night and so then I don’t go do anything and I end up with the kids still. I sometimes wonder if he ever has pause about the things he goes out to do after only having a couple hours to spend with the kids after work. I suppose that is a question for him.
So what’s the point of all this? Well I finally figured out that maybe some me time is ok. Better yet that it is essential for me and my health. It’s time for me to take action for my own time and insist that I get a little “freedom” here and there.
Just another random rant in the middle of the night 🙂

Only person you can be mad at…