wip wednesday

Ok so there is a decent list going on here in my work space. Lately I have not been able to focus on just one thing and have take a break from quilts to work on smaller projects. I was getting frustrated with some of the steps of quilting and needed to give it a break before I threw in the towel all together. So I have been on this that and everything else and took a much needed break and didn’t touch anything for a couple of days. This is what I have in progress:



Here is a secret project because I know the recipient actually follows along with my blog and pictures. It’s paper pieced and the second stab at what the end product will be. The first paper pieced pattern had way too many seams to be flattering.



This has been hand quilted and the binding has been partially sewn on just need to finish the rest and I’m waiting on a long car ride to finish it up.



I have begun to cut out my fabric for this donut quilt and have joined #mybooqal on Instagram. But then realized that I want more fabric choices than what it calls for so I am in need of a trip to the store.

I still have the Supernova Friendship Swap going on as well and soon will be able to reveal the next block I made for my partner. I have the pattern for a Tova cut out but have been trying to get my tension corrected in my serger before I give it a whirl. Also I’ve shown before a flying geese quilt that I have almost completed the top on but keep holding off since I just made Archer a quilt just recently. And finally the peacock feather cross stitch that will be part of a bigger project. Whew I didn’t realize I had so much going at once usually I try to keep it to one or two.

And then on my table now is a coffee cozy template from that I want to use with my Halloween scraps. Maybe I don’t need a break. Maybe I just need to tackle first what I have going on before I add something else to the list. Well until next time.


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wip wednesday

6 thoughts on “wip wednesday

    1. Thanks! It’s the second shot at it. The first had so many middle seams that it got bulky and not flattering. I’m hoping this one will lay better. I’m not quite sure why I let it get frustrating. I put the work on myself. I can always say no 🙂

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