made: backpack version 2

As you might remember if you have been following along with this sporadic blog of mine that there is a similar post. I had originally made a backpack for Archer and I was so happy how it turned out and then there were some errors that started happening. Fraying straps, magnetic snap being too magnetic, tearing fabric and all around too small.

So I started taking it apart and kept fixing it and that’s when I decided I had had enough and was ready to rework the whole thing. Luckily I had some leftover fabric and one of my friends found a tut on Pinterest that she thought I might be interested in. So I started cutting right away and then realized I didn’t have any interfacing till I dug around in my supplies!

I took this past Sunday after making the peeptastic patchwork pouch and put together her backpack. I’m loving this design a lot more and how roomy the inside is compared to the first. Little miss was ready to pack everything in as soon as it came off the sewing machine.

I used already made straps and didn’t use lengtheners. I was just using what I had from the first backpack. And I also used Velcro opposed to the magnetic snap since it was causing so much trouble to the other backpack.




made: backpack version 2

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