made: peeptastic patchwork pouch

School is in session here at the Schnell abode!! We have decided to keep Archer home and start a few lessons. Which works perfectly for our family and gives me a chance to use what I took from my college experience. I used to be a teacher and have done several things in education. Although it was very rewarding working with some adults and children I had a few extremely bad situations that turned me off of parents and working within a classroom. This is not at all the reason why she isn’t going to school but just a bit of insight of life here. If you are interested in knowing our reasons and plan, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Ok back to the purpose of this post. I’m very talented at getting sidetracked! I whipped up this bag in one night and one morning of a weekend. Which if you know anything about me it is great since I stay at home with two babes. I have been stalking heyporkchop on Instagram (because I seem to be drawn to everything she does. Plus her pictures are creative and inspiring. Probably want to be her when I grow up šŸ˜Š) and found a tutorial on a peeptastic patchwork pouch and thought it would be perfect for an alphabet bag for the little miss.

I used the initial measurements but then had to tweak it a bit since I used a paper piecing pattern for the letters that ended up being a bit smaller than her first square. I also made a front and back to the pouch. I used interfacing and batting and did some simple quilting to finish it off.




I grabbed the alphabet fabric from Joann’s and had the rest as scraps. I love the orange hemp that I dyed myself. The little miss has ran off with it and can’t wait for school to start and to see what will be inside!





Here it is in all it’s glory!




If you follow me on Instagram you will have already seen most of these pics but I wanted to share this and to show where I got the tut of how to make this fantastic pouch!

made: peeptastic patchwork pouch

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