made: pillow perfection

Pillow perfection or at least for my standards! I needed a little selfish sewing after a few projects I have been busily making as I thought I would try my hand at something new so I whipped up an envelope pillow cover for one of the couch pillows. And I’m seriously in LOVE!

First I have a deep obsession with the fabric and wish I would have grabbed more when I bought it. I’ve made a bunting and now this so far with it. But I could see a great many things!! I usually like solids when I’m planning but end up with so many patterns so this was a nice change for me to go directly to them. I also used some natural hemp that I have from a previously project.

Side note: I’m having an affair with hemp lol well not technically but I love that it gives me that “natural” look, sort has a linen vibe, gets softer which each wash and is cheap!!

Ok back to the details! I’m a big sucker for flying geese and have been itching to create a circle of geese. So I found a free pattern on Pinterest and got to work only to find out that the way Christina taught me makes everything backwards and therefore the geese don’t all point in the same direction. That’s when a pleasant happy accident took place.





See how there are two that touch on both sides making a diamond. I actually love it and if I would have known would have chose colors accordingly. I guess I need to learn the correct way if I want to make anything that goes in a circle again 😦

Here is the finished cover. It is a hot commodity on our couch and Archer claims it as her own and if she is awake no one else can put their head upon it.



Not too shabby for my first time, ehh?

made: pillow perfection

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