taking stock 06

Making: a quilt for Ayla. A Tova for me. And a schedule for Archer.

Cooking: up some failures in the bread department and successes in the desserts.

Drinking: coffee with honey and soy milk.

Reading: “Looking for Alaska” by John Green.

Wanting: more time in the day to get projects cleared off the list.

Looking: forward to a routine.

Playing: ballet and dress up.

Wasting: so many trees.

Sewing: aprons, zipper pouches and quilts.

Wishing: we were in our new house.

Enjoying: the late night hours to myself.

Waiting: for the rain.

Liking: the sounds of babbling and laughter.

Wondering: when how homeschooling will work this year.

Loving: my quiet times with Griffin.

Hoping: the rain will hold off for the state fair tonight.

Marveling: how neat it is to grow a child and then sustain one.

Needing: a bigger work space.

Smelling: pickled carrots
Wearing: my one and only pair of jeans and a tshirt.

Following: my heart and gut to keep my kids at home.

Noticing: the passage of time and how some days feel like minutes and other like hours.

Knowing: that tomorrow will bring a new day.

Thinking: that my life is blessed and I need to take more time to enjoy it.

Bookmarking: homeschool curriculum.

Opening: new patterns to try.

Giggling: at sloppy kisses.

Feeling: in awe.


taking stock 06

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