quilt: log cabin

I started this log cabin eons eons and eons ago. Ok ok maybe ages but probably in reality about twenty something weeks ago.

On a trip down to visit the Hubs family I drove out to Joann’s with Gma Doris and found some fabric, probably the first time I bought some without a focused plan in mind. I found a tutorial for log cabins in a Martha Stewart magazine. Then I went to Gma Doris’s “store” and she hooked me up with a bunch of different solids.

At this time I was very new to quilting and hadn’t made a quilt that wasn’t only strips or squares, so this was a big deal. I had plans to make it for my sister’s little girl even. I got so pumped and plugged in for a few days and then got burnt out after 5 blocks. I just wasn’t feeling it. It didn’t have exact measurements and I felt like I was making a lot of waste and not much headway.

Then months later I’m cleaning up and out my craft nook and I find the beauties all bagged up just begging to be loved again. One afternoon and late evening I finished up the remaining blocks, baste and set out to quilt in the morning.


Here is a few more pictures after picking it up again:










And here it is finished. I decided to use the machine to quilt and was only halfway pleased with the results. I had to seam rip a bunch but it’s finished.




quilt: log cabin

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