made: apron

I whipped up this apron a couple weeks ago for my friend Christina. She is about to start out a new year of teaching and was given an unflattering apron to wear daily. This is where I came to the rescue and got the idea that I would make one for her. She looked on Pinterest and found a tutorial and pattern for free so I was all in!!

I had picked out the fabric. Printed the pattern from the website. And then decided I would get some sleep and pick it up the next day. This is when I head back over to the website to go through the free tutorial and it is no longer there!! freak out moment and a bunch of searching and I find that the author has moved the free tutorial and turned the whole thing into a pattern that needs to be bought.

Freak out moment two

I can’t remember how to do part of it. So I jump back on Pinterest and find more free tutorials and then I get down to business. I love how it turned out and almost kept it for myself.

I handed it over to her this past Friday and she loves it but we found a little oopsie she is fixing so I have yet to get a picture of her with her beauty.





A couple photos. The ones with legs are with me trying it on with the strings still pinned. I think I stabbed myself a couple times during the process. Then on the chair so I didn’t need to take anymore leg selfies!

made: apron

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