made: backpack

That is the request I heard from my three year old daughter. I have recently given up on diaper bags and just have been using a backpack for convenience. So being that is a mini-me (wearing her babies, nursing them, wrapping scarves around her neck) of course she would want a backpack as well.

I bought a pattern awhile back when we had plans to send her to preschool but looking at it again I knew it would be too big for her daily use. So as per usual I started scouring Pinterest for a DIY or a steal to buy one online. I found this one and fell instantly in love but find want to pay the price when I knew I could easily make one and also I wanted something I could throw in the wash.

So after a bit more searching I ran across this post that linked over to by this tutorial. After some measurements with the bag I loved and the tutorial I came up with my own style.

I hopped into the vehicle with Archer and headed to Joann’s in the hopes of finding some faux leather. We rolled over to the home decor fabric scouted out some options then continued on to find the leather (almost bought marine vinyl) and then had my light bulb moment and thought jean would be perfect. Back again to home decor for her to choose and then to the jean. I knew from her choices that she would need a splash of color to make it truly hers so we picked out a fun fab quarter and accessories. I also followed the first post and bought some interfacing to make the bag sturdy. It took me an afternoon nap (2 hours) to complete the bag.

Here is the final product and Lil Miss enjoying her new treasure:










made: backpack

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