quilt: rainbow dash (complete)

The name hmm… Well after talking with Christina about the various project we have in progress I kept thinking when was the last time I did something for myself. So off to the drawing board graph paper I went and the planning began. I knew that I wanted to go small and quick. I my mind I was thinking mug rug. My first attempt was a barn star using my rainbow colors and after many failed attempts and redoing and redoing I restarted. I began to draw out a design and whala!! So I got to work during nap times, while dinner was cooking and when everyone went off to bed and here is what I came up with:






I also put up my first wip on Instagram and had fun linking up with Freshly Pieced. I’m really new at quilting but have been sewing for quite some time. I usually leave the hard stuff like quilting and binding to Gma Doris and she has been very wonderful in helping me out.
So I’m very proud of this one because I came up with the idea, put in down on paper, selected and cut all the fabric, pieced, quilted, and slapped on the binding. It’s not quite exact beautiful but I love it 🙂

Note to self:

Practice quilting
Binding-learn to sew by hand
Practice practice practice piecing hsts

quilt: rainbow dash (complete)

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