Taking stock 04

Making: kitchen curtains

Cooking: not much. Just using what’s in the garden.

Drinking: My water goal a day.

Reading: Divergent Series.

Wanting: Little Man to finish getting his first tooth.

Looking: ahead to all the sewing projects I want to accomplish.

Playing: music morning noon and night.

Wasting: bandaids on all sizes of owies.

Sewing: 3 quilts for birthdays, curtains for my kitchen, quilt-a-long with my friend.

Wishing: there were more hours in the day for crafting.

Enjoying: evening strolls and bike cruises around downtown.

Waiting: for G to sleep through the night.

Liking: green tomatoes.

Wondering: when the rain will become a drought.

Loving: watching the kiddos play.

Hoping: for a mini-trip out of town.

Marveling: how quickly kids heal.

Needing: a bike tuneup.

Smelling: basil through the window.

Wearing: my one and only pair of jeans and a tshirt.

Following: the Cultural Trail around town.

Noticing: how light it stays later into the night.

Knowing: that sometimes all you need is a good nap.

Thinking: I need to relax more.

Bookmarking: colorful quilt ideas.

Opening: a new book almost every other day.

Giggling: as we “hide” when daddy gets home.

Feeling: pride.




Taking stock 04

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