taking stock 02


Making:  busy boxes for Archer.

Cooking:  chicken pot pie.

Drinking:  hot tea (of any kind).

Reading:  Under the Never Sky series by Veronica Rossi

Wanting:  a pair of jeans that work for my post 2nd baby body (still).

Looking:  toward warmer sunnier days.

Playing:  peek-a-boo morning, noon and night.

Wasting:  away as I give up chocolate for Lent.

Sewing:  a quilt for baby Ayla.

Wishing:  the weather for a bit warmer so I could take the kids out for a walk.

Enjoying:  my extra hour of sleep in the morning, due to Daylights Savings Time until the kids get the swing of things.

Waiting:  for Spring to come.

Liking:  Tom Tom Club

Wondering:  what  it will be like to homeschool my kids.

Loving:  watching the kiddos give hugs and kisses randomly during the day.

Hoping:  for one warm day this week so I can take a walk around town.

Marveling:  the Truth of Faith.

Needing:  a few more hours in the day to get my To Do list finished.

Smelling:  the sweet scent of a baby.

Wearing:  my new Toms that the Hubs bought on zulily for me.

Following:  the shrill cries of the Little Man.

Noticing:  the brightness in the morning and later in the night.

Knowing:  time heals all wounds.

Thinking:  I am horrible at blogging and yet it only takes a little effort.

Bookmarking:  Dream House ideas.

Opening:  new shoes.

Giggling:  as we tuck into bed.

Feeling:  overwhelmed by cleaning.

taking stock 02

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