The Parenting Trap

I think everyone that is a parent is guilty of it at least once. It can be a quick moment or something you may struggle with until your child is old enough for their own decisions. You may have read book after book on the subject or you may just go with instinct. But this is only one side of the coin, the other I will talk about a little later.

The first is parenting “styles” and I put styles in quotes because I’m not quite sure if styles is the word it should be called. There are so many out there and each has at least one book dedicated to spelling out the ins and outs of how it all works. I have read so many of the different books from: attachment, nurturing, French, laid back and now I have even checked out a book talking about free range.  I wonder from time to time if they are all real and why some much time has been consumed in talking about them.

What happened to just being parents. I’m completely convinced there are some that need all the help they can get about parenting. But it seems to me at least that it is those who are the good/great parents are the ones that are being sucked down the never ending rabbit hole. The hole that consumes our time and makes us second guess our abilities at being parents.

The hole that responds to our biggest fears of enough. And don’t get me started on Pinterest. I am a Pinterest junky and have a couple boards just dedicated to my children but I have learned that there really isn’t that much time in the day to get to much and I’m finally okay with that. Before the Lil Man joined our family I was able to do more and actually tackle some of the pins.  And now I am just trying to juggle the day ins and outs.

I sit and wonder when did parenting become this way and will it always be this way or will finally realize that parenting is about being present in their lives and taking care of them so that their needs are met. Not to say that some of their wants shouldn’t be addressed as well.

I dont know. Just something I have been chewing on for awhile.

The Parenting Trap

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