The Great Debate

When do you know when something is complete? Whether it is a project you are working on or something in your life (relationship, trip, idea, etc), how do you know when to say “all done.”

This is a topic that the Hubs and I go back and forth on. I think we do it with all things; family, house, projects, dinner, more projects, but in the end it’s ultimately the person in charge of the project decision.

It seems like everywhere I go or if I encounter someone that hasn’t seen my children or heard my story ask me when I plan on having the next baby. As if being only 6 weeks out with a newborn is nothing. But then there are times where I catch myself asking other people when they plan on having another child and how many do they want?

We have been very fortunate in our little family to be able to get pregnant but also to be able to have these two little joys in our lives. If you know me you know that it hasn’t been an easy road. We have had our fair share of ups and downs and twists and turns.

With all that being said I knew very early on even before meeting the Hubs that I only wanted two children and he knew he wanted three. After the birth of the Babe we knew we would want another but it wasn’t until we saw her personality that we agreed upon two.

Now with so many having babies in our families and friends I start to wonder when will they know when their family is “complete”?

The Great Debate

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