Birthday Blahs

I’m not sure why this year should feel any different than the last or the time before that. Maybe it’s having another child or I’m one year closer to 30, but I just don’t have the Birthday “spirit” in me. I really don’t have any “spirit” in me.

Don’t get me wrong I want to do something special today, but I really have no clue. I’m torn between going to the zoo like last year and going shopping. Shopping would consist of needs and maybe that is why I’m feeling ho hum about it. But I would be finally getting a pair of shoes I’ve been wanting for awhile.

In my family we usually have a family dinner but I haven’t even asked for one of those. Maybe I’m just worn out from have a newborn (1 month still counts, right?!) or the stinking hot weather or maybe even that I wish my body was more towards when I got pregnant (lol I know I know it’s only been a month). But I’m just tired like put a fork in me I’m done. The exhaustion of getting up and taking care of two kids and managing a house is sinking in this week.

So I’m feeling the birthday blahs this morning. Oh and Happy Summer solstice and longest day of the year! Ha

Birthday Blahs

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