Surviving with 2

We are officially two weeks in with our family of four. In the past two weeks I’ve had only 2 full days but several mornings alone with both kids. I think possibly that we are still in that blissful stage, the calm before the storm; before all hell breaks loose and I’m pulling my hair out.

Little Man (as I have come to call him) is eating well. This time around breastfeeding has been so much easier except for the few hiccups in the beginning. Getting faster by the day. Past his birth weight at 6 lbs. 14 oz. today. Sleeping 4 hour stretches at night. He really is a dream come true so far, especially with being the second kid.

The Babe has taken really well to her little brother. I think she has claimed him as one of her own babies. She is constantly wanting to help, hold him, getting things for him and the first to alarm us if he is upset or crying. I can’t say that it all has been peachy keen. There have been moments of total break downs and tantrums and even the screams in the middle of the night for mom. 😔 But each day she is ready to go again and wanting to see the baby first thing. It has been better now that I can hold her more and he takes lengthy naps that allow us to have more one on one time.

The Hubs is sure getting plenty of sleep this time around and I am sure he is grateful. My body seems more attuned to the wake ups, that I hear his first wakeful moments before he starts to cry. He had been helpful in getting things for me, cleaning up the house to “his” standards and taking Archer out for bike rides in the evening.

I am finally on the “up” after a huge allergic reaction to all the tape that was used. Cracked and bleeding nips and an incision that is “superficially” open a tiny bit. Got a miracle ointment(APO) and an antibiotic and I’m good as new. But I’m finally feeling up to walks and wanting to get back into my routine so badly but I know I need to wait a bit longer.

So this family of four is “at least” surviving 2 weeks so far 😀

Surviving with 2

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