I have been seeing here and there about a photo project where you take a portrait of your children or whatever else strikes your fancy once a week for 52 weeks (a whole year) and I instantly fell in love with it. Back in the Fall I took an online photography course where I got to learn how to get out of the AUTO setting of my camera and well since then I really haven’t used anything that I have learned so far. So when I saw this project and then got it in my mind to start a more low maintenance blog I thought this project would be perfect for me. I would have to touch base at least once a week, I would be sharpening my skills at taking pictures and I  would have a whole years worth of quality pictures. I have already been taking a picture a day and posting them on Instagram and from there I have made books of the year for Archer. You can find me on Instagram at ashleeschnell if you are interested 🙂 So here is week 1:


1/52 :  Her love of books has grown so much and now we are even allowing some that are not cardboard for her enjoyment. Her current love is BEST WORD BOOK EVER by Richard Scarry and it sees lots of use and gets constant questions for us to tell her what she is pointing at. (Our couch does have cushions, I was giving our house one final clean before the new babe and she loves the couch without the cushions)


1/52: Day 1 at being at home. My little man Griffin taking a snooze by my side after filling up on milk. Such a sweet love and a good eater. Each day is a joy to be near him.


1/52: Proud papa! Enjoying his little man while we were still at the hospital. Griffin calms right down when he is near him and is always alert when he hears him come into the room.


2 thoughts on “1/52

  1. Andrea Ford says:

    I tried the project 365 starting Jan 1. I fell befing after about two mos, so i quit. Good luck! 52 sounds more manageable. Griffin is adorable.

    1. I’ve done the 365 projects with Archer but don’t really post them anywhere. I was able to use almost all Instagram photos for one of her books. I take a lot of pictures now I just need to remember to post them up!

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