Remembering the past…

As we only have a day left until our new bundle of joy will be here I had to look back to the arrival of Archer:


Her= Archer. my joy, happiness, love and things that words cannot express…

finally 3

as I was saying it didn’t give me much time to really sit down and write about it all. so I would find myself making small notes on my IPhone so I could go back later and remember. I’m hoping to slowly tell my story and hers through all our moments that will never be undone.

where else to start but day one of my new life….mommyhood! the day before she arrived I had a doctor’s visit to have my stress test and ultrasound (conclusion: this little girl was too comfy and it was time to evict) I was past my due date and I was bound and determined to have her that day. it was a monday, rain was in the forecast and that meant my hubs wouldn’t have to be at work. I mustered up al my energy to raise a FIT so that this little girl would be meeting me and to my surprise my doctor wasn’t about to put up a fight. she calmly said it was getting late today (it was 11 am) so we would have to wait till tomorrow. UGH is all I could think…

  1. because I was so tired of trying to sleep and not being able to
  2. the 6 runs to the bathroom at night were beginning to be routine
  3. my ankles, feet and toes were becoming sausages
  4. the crazy baby dreams were starting to get strange and I do mean STRANGE
so I sucked up all my disappointment and made the earliest time possible to be induced the next day. I told my hubs we needed to have our last date without a babysitter and away we went (after 6 texts and 4 phone calls that is to prepare the family). we hit a matinee and one of my fav restaurants Barcelona Tapas. I gorged and enjoyed and made it to bed by 9, BUT I just couldn’t sleep.
we rose early in the morning (all the bags were packed plus the car) and arrived at the hospital at 6. jog back about 10 months and you would see this powerful, natural woman that wanted to have this baby the way God intended it to be done. I thought that being induced would just put a tiny strain in my plan but it ended up being more of a sprain and then a break and then well nothing is worse than that. they began the medicine by 7am and my water was broke by 9am and things just seemed to be very slow. I had to just sit in the bed waiting it all out because of the IV. everything I wanted was gone. after about 4 nurses and 5 hours I had about enough and that is when the pain set in. I continued to have this sharp pain in my right side and I asked if I could walk around… HA to the chair was my answer. SO I sat and it got worse. ALOT WORSE. 7cm and I had had enough and asked for the epidural. this was the first time the hubs had to go out of the room. after that things got rolling (my legs felt like when you sleep on your arm and you wake up and can toss it because it is so numb) my blood pressure kept dropping to the point I should be dying but nothing was wrong. I kept having contractions but they all thought they weren’t doing much.
it all took a change around 6pm. they checked me and I was fully dilated it was time to push. I could feel my legs more and I was so ready to see this baby girl. SO I pushed and pushed and well an hour and a half later things were still the same. the doc came in and I could see by her face that she was about to say a c-section. I was ready and told her let’s go just get her out. a few more this and thats and out the door I was being pushed into the OR… this is where things seemed to speed up as my body began to shiver and I was asked so many questions that now I know were routine. I started to cry because I knew this meant my birth story wouldn’t be the one that I wanted. it seemed only seconds later my hubs was by my side I was looking into the light above and could see the doc working and I kept asking questions and then there was silence as if everyone was waiting and I heard her first cry and yell. I couldn’t help but cry but I was quickly told that the work wasn’t over and only her head was out (doc said most babies don’t cry till their whole body is out). her cries filled the room and continued until she was nestled at my side. born may 3rd weighing 8 lbs. 5 oz. @ 8:20 pm Archer Quyen was born
together at last
Remembering the past…

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